About the project

This Audio Visual Installation is aimed to explore self portraiture through audio visual work. Even though a self-portrait is most referred to as a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist, I believe that it can also be expressed through broader mediums such as composition, video art and installations, as well as simultaneous expression of the artists characteristics and emotions through both sound and image.

Performer: Nada Nontapaoraya
Lighting Designer: Peem Poolpol

Artist: Nada Nontapaoraya

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I believe that, there are more than one way for artists/musicians to express themselves. The crossover between image and sound and the in-between where self-portraiture can fit somewhere intervening. Installation allows the audience to be in the deliberately present in the selected environment and space. In the 1970s and beyond, boundaries between various media were put into question, not only that the project will be exploring audiovisual installation but to explore the new possibilities in which sound could be shown through video art, installation and other intermedia and hybrid work. 

"What lies between the arts is not theatrical but intermedial. Intermediality, at any rate, is the term that has become established since the sixties for all those artistic practices that can no longer be categorised according to the traditional classification of art into the various arts. They seem to belong instead to new hybrid area between the arts. But what is specific to sound installation is that this dialectic does not,  or at least not primarily, refer to the acoustic-musical phenomenon itself but occurs between the sound and the concrete space in which it is installed, that is, exhibited."

- Juliane Rebentisch

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